Sri Chinmoy Tri Club's GO TRI Duathlon (Bike & Run)

Tockington Manor School Bristol

Ideal for triathletes who want multisport practice, or anyone who wants the challenge of combining two sports.

Upcoming races

Race 1: 2 April
Race 2: 9 July
Race 3: 10 September

About the event

Our Duathlon events are part of the GO TRI series, organised in partnership between the Sri Chinmoy Tri Club (Bristol) and Triathlon England. We are organising 5 multisport and 4 running events which make up the Sri Chinmoy Races Series in the Bristol area for 2017.

Our Run-Bike-Run event is based at Tockington Manor School, north of Bristol, and takes place on the following dates this summer. Click on the event name below to ENTER ONLINE AT ENTRY CENTRAL.

Sunday April 2nd 2017

Sunday July 9th 2017

Sunday September 10th 2017

Latest photos at:

We begin with a briefing at 8.20 am and race start at 8.30am. All advance entries must be made online but where possible we will accept entries on the day on a "standby" basis - contact race organiser for details. Thanks to support from Triathlon England and volunteer marshals from the Sri Chinmoy Athletic Club, the race will only cost from £6 to enter.

The event is aimed at people training for a triathlon who want multisport practice, or anyone who wants the challenge of combining two sports in a fun race! There will be a limit of 50 people taking part to keep the course uncrowded and to stay in line with the aims of the GO TRI initiative which is focussed on small, low-cost races. 

Runners and Riders

A short clip from our July 2016 race showing runners completing lap 3 of the field while the faster competitors exit on to the bike course - I've also uploaded a clip of 2 riders transitioning back from bike to run, showing how "informal" our transition area is!


2k run, 15k bike, 2k run

Start time

  • 8.30am (briefing 8.20am)


  • £6


Garga Chamberlain
07702 410797
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Race route and transitions

To download the bikeroute - see duathlon_map1.pdf

The run route is detailed below:

RUN - 2KM - The run course takes in 3 laps of the sports field alongside our race HQ, The Pavilion at Tockington Manor. The entire course is flat and on grass - we recommend running shoes with a bit of grip if you have them.

TRANSITION - after completing the run, athletes will pick up their bike (bikes will be stored leaning against the fence, there is no specialist "racking") and wheel them 100m or so to the exit, where they will mount up before taking the left turn (supervised by a race marshal in case of any passing traffic) on to the road.

BIKE - 15KM - From Tockington the course is approx 15km (9 miles) on predominantly flat lanes and B roads through Pilning. On a Sunday morning there should be hardly any traffic on most parts of the course, but riders will be expected to obey the highway code and ride safely at all times. Some parts of the course are narrow and winding and riders may have to slow down to accomodate oncoming vehicles - other parts are wide enough for you to get some decent speed up. There are a couple of slopes but nothing I would call a "hill". There are two right turns on the course, both of which are marshalled. At all other points the course is well signed. A sweep vehicle containing a first aider and a bike mechanic will follow the riders in case anyone needs assistance. Please note that "bunch riding" is not permitted in this event - riders will be expected to ride separately and leave space between themselves and the rider in front, except when overtaking.

SECOND TRANSITION & FINAL RUN 2KM - after completing the bike course, riders will push their bikes back to the transition area, lean them back against the fence and complete another flat, 2KM run around the field, this time in the opposite direction. The finish line will be alongside The Pavilion, where showers, changing and refreshments will be available!

Directions and parking

For directions to the event, click here. Parking will be in the event field itself (alongside the fence next to the road) and in the school car park opposite.

Previous Results

  • 2017 Apr 2nd
    Results for Sri Chinmoy / GO TRI Duathlon @ Tockington 2 April 2017

    The promised sunshine didn't emerge at the start but it was there in time to shine on the later finishers. 42 completed the race and with dry and still weather conditions (pretty cool as well, it has to be said) we saw good times at the top of the results - the winner coming close to 40 minutes. 

    Winning times were 40.25 for Chris Mills (Clevedon and District Road Cycling Club) and 48.29 for Yvonne Cox. 

    Male runners up were Carl Ward (50+, Somerset R C Tri, 41.24) and Thomas Miller (Kingswood Tri, 43.08) while second and third women's places went to Katherine Adams (51.10) and Katie Jones (Caldicott R C, 51.25).

    Fast veteran (60+) Peter Cotterill pushed himself hard to finish in the top 4 with an excellent 44.26.

    Photos will be online within a few days - at

    It was great to see so many women taking part (20 out of the 42) and as usual hybrids and mountain bikes were rubbing shoulders with TT & Tri bikes so we're still seeing that broad cross-section of athletes - from tri veterans to first timers - that GO TRI events across the UK are hoping to cater for.

    Coming up next in April & May we have running events in Eastville Park, our Aquathlon in Filton and of course the Try-a-Tri and new Sprint Tri at Portishead. Details are all online at

    Thanks to everyone who took part and hope to see you at the next race,


    Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team & Tri Club, Bristol

  • 2016 Sep 11th
    Results 11 September 2016
    Lap 2 of the first run stage....

    Another day blessed by fabulous weather and another sold-out race. Book early for next year's series - entries should go live next month.

    Thanks to all who took part, travelling from as far afield as Devon, Cornwall & Tewkesbury.

    Results are in the attached PDF file and photos, when I get hold of them, will be in our gallery as usual:

    There's also a short video clip of the start which I'll upload to our event website:

    Watch this video on Vimeo:

    Thanks again for making these races so much fun and we hope to see you all next year for another season of 9 races in and around Bristol!


    Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (& Tri Club) Bristol


  • 2016 Jul 3rd
    Results July 3rd 2016

    Another pretty much perfect day (we've been lucky in an otherwise pretty dodgy summer!) saw 37 duathletes take part in our 4th multisport race of 2016. As this was a GO TRI event we were pleased to see so many first-timers in the field, but we also had some seasoned triathletes taking part and it was great to have a winning time of under 40 minutes. 

    First-places went to Joe Pritchard (39.18) and Karen Law (48.04)

    Results are in the attached PDF and as usual there are some point-and-click photos from the event which I'll have in our gallery by the end of today (3/7/16):

    Forthcoming races include the final 2-mile event in our summer run series (5 July) and our 3 x 1 mile relay (19 July) - always great fun!

    Thanks to all who took part and see you at another race soon,

    Garga Chamberlain, Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team & Triathlon Club